About the Sleeptember Campaign category


Sleeptember® is a patient-led…patient-supported campaign designed to create fun and engaging online and community events in order to raise awareness of the public health impact of sleep loss, connect the dots with other comorbid health conditions, raise funds for medical research, advocacy efforts, and to change the sleep habits of individuals and society as a whole.

We are a community of people with chronic health conditions, non-profit organizations, and other partners working together to raise awareness of how sleep impacts our health, safety, well-being, and productivity.

We want to break down walls. Sleeptember uses the power of social media to bring together people with different health conditions, both chronic and rare, and their advocates to form a powerful force to provide support and comfort to one another and seek funding for research and advocacy programs that will improve all of our lives. There is power and wisdom in numbers!

It’s time for us to stop waiting for others to find answers alone. We want to control our own destiny, raise funds for research and have a say in what gets funded. Become a SleeptemberMember, get involved and donate today.