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What does A.W.A.K.E. stand for?
Alert Well and Keeping Energetic

Is this free or covered through my insurance?
Patients that participate in a group are not ever charged. It’s a free service that the group’s organizer puts on, and if any costs are paid by the organizer. There is no need for insurance.

Who should attend these meetings?
Any patient or caregiver that is dealing with sleep apnea regardless of treatment options (dental appliance, cpap, bi pap).

Why should one check out their local group?
Most of the time it’s new patients to the meetings, however some groups do extend beyond general info of the condition. They might discuss other co-morbidies that go along with apnea. New patients often need help/assistance understanding the various issues that might surface with cpap use, dry mouth/nose, leaking, cant wear the mask all night…. so the group can help with this.

Do you need to bring anything to these meetings? no

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