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ORIGINAL BRANDS (NO IMITATIONS) * SECURITY: 100% PURCHASE PROTECTED * RETURN: NO ADDITIONAL COSTS * TRUST: SECURITY IN YOUR PAYMENT appearance has played a fundamental role in society. Who are you going with, what do you do in your spare time, what do you do for a living … Phalogenics All aspects of Spanish life are visible as if it were a shop window. This means that there is a certain tendency to sell an image of success, of a good life, of wanting to generate envy, and that practice does not always hide uncomfortable truths. A recent study indicates that 20% of Spaniards may be suffering from erectile dysfunction and many of them would not know, or worse, keep it silent. As we are saying, sexual issues are considered almost taboo in Spain, and whether shame or ignorance if we add certain complexes of the most chaste Spain, a vicious circle can be created from which it is difficult to take off. Phalogenics According to the ASESA (Spanish Association of Andrology, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, more than 20% of men between 25 and 70 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction without being diagnosed or treated. Phalogenics Of all those affected by the total Spanish male population, Only 23% are diagnosed and treated. In addition, we must add a fact that the least can be worrying,