A chin strap that really works

Hi folks,

I will be attending the AWAKETOGETHER Summit this year and hope to meet many of you to show you this in person. I have invented a sleep apnea chin strap that really works and is comfortable and I think many people here would be interested in it.

I have a PhD in physics and suffer from moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and have designed a sleep apnea chin strap which is completely different from those currently on the market. Information about this chin strap, including diagrams and graphs of the forces I mention below, can be found at https://dualbandchinstrap.com/ . I designed this chin strap because I tried a number of the elastic neoprene chin straps currently on the market and came to the realize that they are actually poorly designed because they do not properly take into account the physics of the situation.

Currently-marketed elastic neoprene chin straps are ineffective because the strap applies a force at the tip of the chin directed almost directly towards the jaw joint, thereby providing near-zero torque even when a considerable force is applied. Therefore, these elastic neoprene chin straps are nearly impossible to adjust to keep the jaw closed without causing discomfort. In contrast, the chin strap I have designed applies a force from under the chin in the direction of the rotation of the jaw. This chin strap also includes innovations such as a dual band design (an elastic band and a non-elastic band to provide a non-linear force as a function of jaw gap) so it is easily adjusted to be effective in keeping the jaw closed while the user is asleep while utilizing a minimum of force so as to also be very comfortable. I have confirmed the effectiveness of this new chin strap by monitoring my own blood oxygen level during sleep.

I hope people find this helpful …

Kind regards,
Larry Shaw

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I use a nasal pillow but must wear a chin strap to keep mouth leakage to an acceptable level. I’ve tried several different styles but each had its problems. I recently saw a video in which a doctor was describing how to make one similar to what you’ve described using a baseball hat with brim removed and non-elastic velcro webbing. I had contemplated making one until I saw your post. Just placed an order and hope the result will be positive.

Nicely done. I don’t need a strap, but this is really good. Congrats on this and best of luck selling them!

The first shipment arrives next week. I’m super excited to ship to you!

Thank you Caeryl. :slight_smile: