2017 Hurricane Harvey CPAP Relief

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What use is it without power?


For displaced individuals that made it to shelters, other peoples’ homes, and for those that will have power shortly.


Boy I sure hope so-MY family still does not, being told a couple weeks.
Worse (well to me I mean( I have a $1300 order in since last weeks at
cpap.com and FedEx won’t go in to pick it up to ship it. So holding MY
breath (bad pun) till next week or so I guess? This is so bad for so
many and I feel so bad for those who will go home to no home, no car, no
job, no nothing…I feel almost guilty for just having my few problems.
I just donated my old machine and gear to a fellow USMC Veteran since I
assumed my overnight shipping would have me covered darn it. But they
are SUCH a great company I am just happy to hear everyone there is safe
& well at least.

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@OldMarineOceanside Hoping you have power soon, and hats off for donating to your fellow USMC Veteran! May I ask the area/town you are in?


Oceanside California next to the back gate of USMC Base Camp Pendleton.


I donated a used one with new hoses, masks and filters. It was cleaned beforehand and apparently someone was able to use it. I knew the setting and had all the paperwork with it. It has been humbling to see how everyone in our communities have stepped up to the plate. In response to those with concerns about no electricity, frankly if someone still doesn’t have electricity, they have greater problems than a CPAP. People are still being evacuated and will be for at least a week. Everyone who is evacuated though has a place to go. Either the shelters or one of the hundreds, if not thousands of people who are opening their homes to those who have lost everything. And now Houston and Katy are gathering supplies and clothing for Port Arthur, Beaumont and Louisiana.

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For those who are sheltering in place, old school car/marine batteries can be used to power some, if you have access to household objects/tools to rig it. It’s old school, but if you have access to your machine, but zero electricity, this could work for you, at least temporarily:

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You’re an angel, Ms. Tamara ! This is so helpful to know!! Thank you!


Not at all. Just doin’ my job. :wink:

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